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bad spending habits you need to break

21 Bad Spending Habits You Need To Break

None of us are perfect spenders! In fact, we probably all have a lot more in common than we’d think when it comes to our spending habits. Sometimes we need…
let my partner pay for dinner

3 Reasons Why My Partner Pays For Dinner

The topic of finances can be difficult to bring up with your partner. Depending on the stage of your relationship, the conversations you have about money will vary. Regardless, if…
what is a GIC

What is a GIC?

A GIC is a useful financial tool that all Canadians should be aware of! GIC stands for Guaranteed Investment Certificate and it’s a type of investment that provides a higher…
how to write a check

How To Write A Check

Writing a check (or for Canadians, cheque) might seem pretty intuitive. But a lot of people (or maybe it’s mostly us millennials and Gen Z’s) haven’t had much reason to…