Posts about the financial costs of pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a family.

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Parenthood is likely to be one of the most expensive undertakings of your life. Juggling daycare and college savings on top of all the increased costs to housing, transportation, clothing, and food that come with having a baby can really wreak havoc on your budget.

These articles will help you manage your money when parenting!

maternity leave

How to Fund Your Own Maternity Leave

Maternity leaves in the developed world vary in length and pay from nothing to 14 months at no pay to 100% covered. Canada offers one of the most generous government-sponsored…

CDIC Deposit Protection For Your Child’s RESP

One of my first tasks as a new mom is setting up an account to save and invest for my daughter’s post-secondary education. When I attended university, I couldn’t afford…

How to Save For a Baby

Many millennials want to become parents, but their finances are holding them back. The combined burden of student loan debt and sky-high housing prices make having a family seem like…